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Future Focused Accounting Services

Your Early-Stage Growth Partners in Sydney

Are you looking for Sydney-based Accountants to support your growing business?

At Hatch Accountants, we understand the demands of running a business and are here to give you time back to focus on what you do best with our tailored accounting solutions for early-stage businesses.

Passionate about business, we founded Hatch Accountants to help younger businesses grow to the level they’ve always aspired to with efficient and effective accounting services.

For that reason, we don’t just keep you compliant; we adopt an advisory approach and implement financial strategies to secure the long-term growth and success of your business.


We’re a young, energetic team with the Accounting expertise and experience you need.

With experience in process management, accounting, tax law and everything in between, our experienced in-house accountant team help you maximise profits, minimise expenses and improve the efficiency and growth potential of your business.

With our high-touch approach, engaging Hatch Accountants for your Sydney business is an exciting and smart commitment to the future aspirations of your budding enterprise.


Clarity Around
Your Numbers

We will streamline the management and availability of your business data to identify and guide you toward better business decisions for the future and to prevent or solve underlying risks.

Easily Accessible

As a part of our high-touch accounting and advisory service in Sydney, we’re easily accessible and available to answer any and all of your questions whenever you need. No stress.

Streamlined Payroll
and Compliance

We want you to focus on what you do best. So we’ll apply our accountancy expertise to set up and streamline all of your payroll and other compliance needs.

Strategic Cash Flow
As your partner in early-stage business growth, we are dedicated to finding efficient solutions that support your journey and will strategically manage your profits and expenses accordingly.
Secure Investments
and Tax Planning
With a strategic eye on the future, our team of expert accountants don’t just keep you afloat. We present strategies and investments for the future so that you reach your business goals sooner.
Manage Government Grants
& Tax Compliance

We ensure complete compliance while also planning for future business needs. Our tax approach ensures your business pays nothing more than it owes and also receives all entitlements.

How We Help Ambitious Businesses

At Hatch Accountants Sydney, we take a modern approach to accounting and are all about planning for the future.

That’s why we offer valuable insights into your business’s financial health, including identifying areas where you can save money, improve efficiency, and increase revenue. From bookkeeping and accounting for business to tax planning and preparation, we ensure that your business stays compliant with all relevant laws and regulations.

We’ll also ensure that you have the proper accounting systems and processes in place, provide guidance on expenses and tax issues, and offer financial statements and reports to help you monitor your business’s progress and make informed decisions. Our objective is to provide you with comfort and peace of mind through our support and expertise and to ensure your business’s success.

We’re here to help you achieve that next stage of business growth.

Meet our team

Lachie Cox

A Co-Founder of Hatch Accountants, Lachie is a keen business strategist and was the driving force behind Hatch’s personalised approach to accounting. Experienced in small business consultancy, taxation strategy, and family wealth management, Lachie’s career has been focused on helping people and making their business journey a rewarding one.

What sets Lachie apart is his sheer commitment to his clients and his depth of understanding of their business. Often working from client premises, communicating with client staff and customers, or reading business collateral, Lachie will do just about anything to gain a deeper understanding of his client’s businesses to establish himself as their trusted adviser.

Not one for surprises, Lachie particularly enjoys setting measurable objectives for his clients which include both business and personal outcomes and opportunities.

Lachie Cox
Nick Marshell
Nick Marshall

A Co-Founder of Hatch Accountants, Nick is a highly qualified Chartered Accountant with a strong background in boutique and mid-tier firms. He has an impressive track record of accounting for a diverse range of clients ranging from technology start-ups to pharmaceutical giants and surgeons.

He is a technologist at heart and believes in the power of technology to drive positive change. Nick holds certifications in several accounting software solutions, including Xero, QuickBooks, and MYOB. Having also completed a Chartered Accountant Certification, and a Bachelor of Commerce, and studied Architecture, Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence, Nick is well-versed in systems integration and can provide expert advice on the best software solutions to streamline accounting workflows at all levels. He was also a finalist in the 2020 MYOB Accountants Daily 30 Under 30.

Nick is building a team that shares his vision of a tech-savvy future while maintaining the personal touch necessary in today’s online world. If you are looking to streamline your accounting processes, Nick is the expert you need.

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